• DiVitto Kelly

TV Show Idea

Updated: May 12

I figured this might be a good opportunity to tout my television show idea, Your Local Library, based

on my experiences (the good, the bad, and the ugly) of working in public libraries.

My inspiration: After receiving a death threat from a wacked-out transvestite while

showing the holiday film, A Christmas Carol, I realized I should jot these bizarre

episodes down. Then I realized I could do one better. Why not create a comedy show?

There are days where I literally feel like I’m in a sitcom, dealing with a cast of

characters ranging from boozy old men trying to sneak 12-packs of Heinekens under the

public computer desk to callers asking if we have books on Shakespeare in English. I

also surmised that writing a comedy show could provide me with a healthy dose of

therapy. And after fourteen years in the profession, believe me, I need it.

I see Your Local Library as a mixture of real-life library experiences intertwined with subtle (and

occasionally zany) comedy. A blend of three programs comes to mind: the highly-acclaimed

laid-back British comedy show, The Detectorists, The Office (US version), and the Canadian hit,

Corner Gas.

Smart, funny, matter-of-fact, Your Local Library is a show for those who crave something a bit offbeat

without being hit over the head with an agenda. For more information, please contact me at (954)

649-8053 or Thanks.