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I never thought I’d be writing screenplays, but a film producer whom my book publisher works with has taken a fancy to my writings. He’s turned many of their titles into films so here I am, writing screenplays. 


The first completed screenplay is from my horror novel, Globster, a monster tale set in a coastal town in Nova Scotia. I did my fair share of research and believe, after many rewrites, it has turned out quite respectable. If you like your monster movies with a touch of humor (Tremors, Grabbers, The Blob remake), you’ll enjoy Globster. My publisher is very optimistic it will find its way to the big screen. Crossing my fingers.


My second novel, Summer of the Shark, apparently has the mid-1970s nostalgic feel this film producer is looking for. This story is very special to me so I sincerely hope it will get the green light.


My third novel, Finley, is the one my publisher is especially eager to see on the silver screen. If you're familiar with classic comedy films where the protagonist changes into an animal (in this case an orange shark), you'll enjoy Finley. The story is unique and not your typical thimble-brained story. I see it as an animated film, but with CGI, who knows?


The other project I’m currently peddling to agents/managers is my half-hour television sitcom, Your Local Library, born from the nuttiness of working in public libraries in south Florida where I’ve spent a good part of my professional career. Your Local Library is a mixture of real-life library experiences intertwined with quirky humor.  


Show background: The library in question in Your Local Library is the Mangrove Public Library, nestled off the beaten path amid the tropical foliage and swampy terrain of Southwest Florida. It has earned the nickname ‘Jurassic Park’ by those in the know, mainly employees stationed at the other six branch locations that make up the Mullet Bay Public Library system.


I see Your Local Library as a blend of three programs: the highly acclaimed laid-back British comedy show, The Detectorists, the US version of The Office, and the Canadian hit, Kim's Convenience. Smart, subtle, and quirky, Your Local Library is a show for those who crave something a bit offbeat without being hit over the head with an agenda.

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