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I believe my novels would make fun, engaging films, so I've turned each into a screenplay. I've also created a TV sitcom based on my weird and wonderful experiences working in public libraries in South Florida. 


Globster is a total throwback creature feature. If you like your monster movies served up with a touch of humor (Tremors, Gremlins, The Blob 1988), you’ll enjoy Globster. Tagline: Maybe the find of the century shouldn't be found.

LoglineAfter a mysterious creature, apparently dead, washes up on the shores of an isolated coastal town in Nova Scotia, it is transferred to a vacant pool. But at night, it emerges from its dormant stage, transforming into something monstrous.

Summer of the Shark is a mid-70s, nostalgic first-person account of a 12-year-old boy's iconic vacation and the two significant events that occurred one year later:  his Cincinnati Reds capturing the World Series over the Boston Red Sox in dramatic seventh-game fashion, and the debut of his favorite movie of all time, Jaws. 

Logline: A man reminisces about the iconic summer vacation he spent with his grandfather on the island of Martha’s Vineyard in 1974, and the two ensuing events that took place the following year.

Finley would make a splendid animated film, although, with today's CGI, live-action is always a possibility. I grew up watching classic comedy films like The Shaggy Dog, Flubber, and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. I see Finley in the same vein, a fun family film that both kids and adults will enjoy. Tagline: Shark Happens.

Logline: Mark Finley is now a shark. Bright as an orange and steeped in Hawaiian folklore. It’s a classic case of biting off more than you can chew. Yet, somehow, he must find a way to break a family curse and return to human form or he’s going to become a permanent fixture at the Finley Aquarium. 

TV Sitcom: Your Local Library

My other project is a half-hour television sitcom born from the nuttiness of working in public libraries in South Florida where I’ve spent a good part of my professional career. Your Local Library is a mixture of real-life library experiences intertwined with quirky humor and odd characters.  


Logline: Ohio native Glenn Eastwick, fresh after a difficult breakup, begins his life anew relocating to Southwest Florida where he finds work at a quirky library branch nestled in the middle of the Everglades.

I see Your Local Library as a blend of three programs: the highly acclaimed laid-back British comedy show, The Detectorists, Cheers (I've caught several patrons consuming booze over the years), and Parks & Recreation. Smart, subtle, and funny, Your Local Library is a show for those who crave something offbeat and cerebral.

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