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DiVitto Kelly

My name is DiVitto Kelly and welcome to my website. Here, you’ll find information about my writings: novels, short stories, screenplays, and TV sitcom based on my experiences working in public libraries.


Mark Finley, happily married and father of two children, is now a shark. But he’s a nice shark, quite unique actually, orange as a Creamsicle and steeped in Hawaiian folklore. It’s a classic case of biting off more than you can chew. Yet, somehow, he must find a way to break a family curse and return to human form or he’s going to become a permanent fixture at his own aquarium.

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DiVitto is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. At age 13, he and his family relocated to Longboat Key, Florida where he quickly developed a fascination for sharks and other sea creatures. He later moved to New Jersey where he developed a taste for Taylor ham, egg, and cheese (salt, pepper, and ketchup always).

True story: One day while combing the beach for shells, he discovered an 18-inch hammerhead shark. Wanting to have the deceased fish stuffed, but finding the cost too expensive, he instead wrapped the shark in aluminum foil and strategically placed it in the back of the kitchen freezer, where his mom discovered it later. Somehow, she was not too surprised.

As a kid, DiVitto read everything from newspapers to cereal boxes, and even loved the word Riboflavin way before Kramer blurted it out on Seinfeld. Up until ninth grade, he aspired of becoming a professional basketball player. Kelly worked briefly at the Guggenheim Museum in NYC and played bass guitar in a band (twice performing at famed CBGB) before spending way too much time employed at corporate-type jobs. He ventured to South Florida, eventually working for the Seminole Tribe of Florida where he managed a library before becoming the editor for their newspaper.

After joining the local library system, the idea of writing fiction fell into place. A co-worker started a monthly writers group that piqued his interest. During his desk shift, Kelly decided to sneak over and sit in one of the meetings. After the instructor resigned, he took the reins. Through trial and error, DiVitto crafted his first short story titled, Go Fish. A dozen short stories later, he got the confidence and inspiration to begin his first novel.

DiVitto is the former editor for the Seminole Tribe of Florida newspaper and has a master’s degree in library science/media specialist from the University of South Florida. A certified diver, DiVitto is also a papier mache artist and instructor, creating everything from colorful sharks to super-sized Pop-Tarts. 

He and his family have three adopted pets: a tortoiseshell cat named Bria, one insanely cute jet-black Schipperke dubbed Bree, who sheds so much she should be bald five times over, and a Shiba Inu named Sheba. And despite being decades removed from his hometown of Cincinnati, he remains a die-hard Bengals fan. Who Dey!



You can contact me at I enjoy schmoozing about writing, horror films, Cincy sports, Saabs, sharks, and papier-mache art. I look forward to hearing from you.

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